there are only 2 types of purpose of the different spells, these are the spell of hatred (disease, failure, bad luck, curse), and the spell of love forcing you to love someone against your will

here are the symptoms of a spell the symptoms which come before all others are problems with speech, and concentration when reading prayers

1/ Stinging sensations in the neck, solar plexus, heart, sometimes there are burning sensations.

2/ Suffocation, feelings of weight on the shoulders.

3/ Sudden heart palpitations, especially at the time of the full moon

4/ Pain in the head, especially in the evening.

5/ Compression or oppression at the level of the solar and cardiac plexus.

6/ Anxiety, nervousness for no reason.

7/ Fatigue as soon as you get up.

8 / General fatigue, exhaustion for no reason.

9/ Weight loss without detected medical reason.

10/ Repetitive nightmares.

11/ Waking up in the middle of the night with sensations of presence at your side

12/ Frigidity or impotence occurring for no reason.

13/ Unreasonable urge to commit suicide.

14/ Sensations of touches on the body.

15/ Disgust of the partner.

16/ Vague and undefined discomforts.

17/ Muscle contractures. 18/ Feeling of being observed.

19/ Sudden black streak, of troubles, flight accidents, bereavements, repetitive disasters.

20/ Sudden distance from friends and relations.

21/ Unreasonable fear of solitude, darkness, darkness.

22/ Sexual attraction to a person who was previously totally indifferent. 23/ Unreasonable sexual needs.

24/ Mental confusion.

great ritual of disenchantment with high magic