What is magic?

Let us therefore begin by clearly defining this notion that all world finds so vague. In the dictionary, we find the following definition: “All practices based on the belief in supernatural forces immanent in nature and aiming to master, to reconcile these forces. » What more can I say, apart from emphasizing a few words? Belief for example. It is often said : “Faith moves mountains.” And it's TRUE ! So, advice to amateurs. Practicing magic for fun or by only half believing it will be done at your own risk. Practicing magic “to see what it does” is like driving a car without a license for “see what it does”. It's exhilarating, but dangerous for you. What does it matter, some will say. But you expose others to this danger. You might not go to hell for that, yet you have to believe it, but your life on earth could turn into hell if you do not take responsibility, especially in our century where science has taken over, neglecting the development of all life spiritual in the individual. Too often I have heard this question: “I did such a ritual, but I don't really believe it. Will this work? » The answer is no. Because to do so is to make fun of the invisible. Let's come to supernatural forces. We assume that the universe not liking emptiness, there are spirits and entities everywhere, at all levels. These entities are also flows of energy invisible to the naked eye, but perceptible to those who are trained. These forces that you manipulate when you prepare a spell; they are the ones who help you, if they want to, and who sometimes can turn around against you if you prove to be a bad master, or if you do anything When you do a ritual, ask yourself if you really need it and above all follow the explanations to the letter because you are guided, thanks to my magic rituals you can change your life Now you can take action instead of suffering